Do You Have a Good Karma in Bed

How to tell if something is karmic? The best way is to do a past life regression and go back to the "root cause" of the issue, but generally, the lesson is that if something causes you great stress and, or anger, it's probably karmic. The good news is that you have free will to act out of love and make the most of the situation.

Isolated and alone, Alan was back where he was as a child, but he continued to deny that his childhood was at all related to his current situation or that his overreaction to Matthew’s distancing relationship was really a replay of how he’d felt as a child.

"Try to think more about yourself", or "Don't let the bad emotions bring you down", or "Focus on the bright side of Life", or "Calm Down" have been ones of the most typical advises from a psychologist when a person admitted that was on depression or was getting towards it. Forgive me but I have always accepted these recommendations as not being able to be more effective to a human than to a cat. During that times more depressing than my life's psychology was the fact that I actually didn't know about the existence of any sector of psychology that would provide me with more useful "prescriptions", even though I had been consulted by a few psychologists. Up to the date when I learnt that during the last 15 years this science had evolved...

It all made sense to me now as to why Shawn would have this fantasy and eventually act on it. The healing was connected to his childhood. In his sexual acts, he "wins" over the mother (the wife of the couple) aligning with the powerful and male-hating mother figure. The alignment is in humiliating the husband forcing him to dress like a female as females were the "superior" gender in his family and being male was inferior. In the fantasy, Shawn gets to the be the "man" his mother wanted, he wins her over and is in the power position over the husband rather than being in the same category as the father, which Shawn always felt he was growing up.

The only way to know for certain is to ask her straight. She may deny or admit it but whatever her answer is, it will not change her. And it will not matter. Sexuality doesn’t measure how good or bad a person you are. Sexuality is not a measurement of your humanity. From the inside, there are no man, women, gay or lesbian- from the inside we are all the same. We all have a soul and our soul has no sexuality.

To ensure that all of the hotel's staff mindsets are aligned with the company's goal, the employees undergo a diversity and sensitivity training. This training educates the personnel about the proper approach to their target market. This also allows the personnel to imbibe the gay culture in order for them not to be appalled with things they do not understand. Other than putting forth their consideration for the guests' sensitivity, the staff must also work on their own personal sensitivity and biases.