The Right Balance Between Being Process Focused and Being Results Focused

Now Alan found himself in a bind. Not seeing any progress, he’d dropped out of the gay men’s group the year before, and he had no network to support him. His symptoms of depression grew worse. He couldn’t tell his family what was going on, and he had no one else to talk to but me.

You will, as well, learn practical ways to improve your well-being by creating a positive environment around you and affecting this way your whole psychology. We are what we think Buddha had said but now science has come to findings that prove it. Apart from the previously mentioned priming, another way of effecting your behaviour is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you are thinking about a situation in a negative manner, feeling that you will not do well and in general by being pessimistic you are doing the following: You are creating a brain schema about failure. The mind works as a stimulator and its subconscious side doesn't recognize a difference between imagination and reality. As a result it's getting ready to behave this way when the time comes, it becomes accustomed to the situation of failure. Similarly if you are thinking about success, success is more possible to be achieved, the body will automatically work for this. Some people think it was just a prophecy by their spirits but as you see it wasn't.

Shawn was a 37-year-old male married with two children. He loved his wife deeply having been high school sweethearts. She was the first female he met who treated him kindly and affectionately. He came to therapy with me due to troubling compulsive sexual fantasies which had now become sexual behaviors involving finding couples through the internet with whom he could be sexual with the wives with the husbands watching being humiliated by being dressed as a woman and called names by both himself and the wife. At the end of the sex act his ultimate sexual desire would be to orgasm onto the man's face (a term known as Bukkake)--the ultimate humiliation to the man with both of he and the wife laughing at him.

That treatment is what gay hotels aim to change. They aim to create a place where all sorts of sexual preferences are treated equally and deferentially. Gay hotels do not only cater to homosexual couples, they also welcome straight couples. However, straight couples who check-in must be open-minded and know what they are getting into; after all, it is an entirely different territory. Some gay couples also bring their children along and the hotel personnel are prepared for children's entertainment. They also provide fun family activities in their list of events.